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"You live as long as you are remembered." -- Russian Proverb

"There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors, and no slave who has not had a king among his." -- Helen Keller

Family faces are magic mirrors. Looking at people who belong to us, we see the past, present, and future." -- Gail Lumet Buckley

"Nothing is so soothing to our self-esteem as to find our bad traits in our forebears. It seems to absolve us." -- Van Wyck Brooks

"Why waste your money looking up your family tree? Just go into politics and your opponents will do it for you." -- Mark Twain

"I trace my family history so I will know who to blame."

"Heredity: Everyone believes in it until their children act like fools!"

"Genealogy: Tracing yourself back to better people."

Gehring Family History

    Casper Gehring is my great-great grandfather. This document was transcribed from a handwritten version contained in a (7" x 8-1/2") spiral-bound tablet. The author is believed to be Bertha Uhinck Sizler, who wrote with a very clear hand. The original composition date appears to be late 1963 or early 1964. This typed edition was prepared by Robert A. Blake. Original spellings have been preserved, however occasionally last names and formatting have been added to aid in readability. The original (7" x 8-1/2") spiral-bound tablet is currently in the possession of Robert A. Blake, Mt. Airy, NC.--- July 2015

    History of Casper Gehring Family

    Casper Gehring was born in Dalsheim Germany Nov 1st 1809 and died June 22nd 1895 aged 86 yrs.

    His wife Rosina Schaefer Gehring also born in Dalsheim on July 27th 1821; She died April 12th 1879 aged 58 yrs.

    Their 13 children were all born in Dalsheim, two died in infancy.

    1. John Gehring born Oct 4th 1842; died Oct 16th 1918 aged 76 yrs.
    2. Kate Gehring Lorch born March 11th 1843; died Oct 6th 1880 aged 37 yrs.
    3. Jacob Gehring born Dec. 15th 1845; died March 15th 1917 aged 72 yrs.
    4. Phillip Gehring born Oct 10th 1847; died July 30th 1901 aged 54 yrs.
    5. Elizabeth Sperber-nee Gehring born Feb. 9th 1849; died Aug. 11th 1921 - aged 52
    6. Frederick Gehring born Aug. 2nd 1851; died Oct 6th 1914 aged 63 yrs.
    7. Henry Gehring born Apr. 27th 1853; died Jan 4th 1916 aged 63 yrs.
    8. Charlotte Melber-nee Gehring born May 6th 1855; died March 18th 1911 age 56 yrs
    9. Rosina Uhinck - nee Gehring born Sept.10th 1857; died Apr. 29th 1885 age 28 yrs
    10. Minnie Gehring born Jan. 11th 1860; died May 3rd 1918. aged 58 years.
    11. Eva Margaret Gehring Klaas born Feb. 28th 1863; died May 9th 1950 aged 87 years.

    In May 1860 John Gehring at the age of 17 decided to try his luck in America so he came to Cleveland. his uncle Peter Schwartz lived on Schaaf Rd and he employed John to assist with work on his farm. the following year he sent for his brother Jacob who located in Cleveland and worked at his trade as harness maker.

    A year later they sent for their brother Phillip - a cabinet maker who after a very long and unpleasant journey arrived in Cleveland.

    A little later the brothers sent for their sister Kate, by this time their parents decided they would not allow any more of their family to go unless the remaining members of the family joined those in America.

    So in 1866 with the remaining 8 children they came to Cleveland and lived on Pearl Rd for 9 months in what was then the old Bayer home. There they purchased a farm on Memphis Ave between 45th and 50th Streets which extended back to what is now Brooklyn Ave.

    Mother Gehring died April 12th 1879-aged 58 yrs.

    John Gehring married Phillipina Schwartz. Three children were born to them:
    1. Emelia Gehring
    2. John Gehring (Jr), and
    3. Rosina

    Their mother died when Rosina was 9 days old. Aunt Phillipine died, 1879 at the age of 36 yrs.   (My mother), Rosina Gehring, then about 19 yrs old kept house for (uncle) her brother until 1880 when he married Christina Stephan. They had 5 children.

    1. Gretchen Gehring
    2. William Gehring
    3. Frieda Gehring
    4. Alvin Gehring, and
    5. Alma Gehring
    Frieda and Alvin died in infancy.

    Emelia Gehring married Henry Peters, they had 3 children;

    1. Alfred Peters
    2. Nina Peters
    3. Florence Peters.

    Alfred Peters married Virginia Harbaugh, they have a son Eugene, still a bacholor and Nandine who married John McPherson they have a daughter Jodine, all live in California.

    Nina Peters married Wm Nealou - a musician they have a daughter Sharon, who lives with her father and step-mother. Nina and husband were divorced. She then married a James LaMont. Before her 2nd child - Jill - was born she divorced LaMont, then married a Jerry Arnold - & were divorced. Nina's where-abouts is unknown.

    (Florence Peters married Fred Bretischnieder.)Fred and Florence Bretischnieder adopted Nina's daughter, Jill. They live in Bedford, Ohio.

    (2) John Gehring (Jr.) married Anna Schwartz and they had 3 children;

    1. Walter died when 15 months old, and
    2. Martha Gehring and
    3. Eleanor Gehring,
    The latter now Mrs. Elmer Busch.

    (3) Rosina Gehring married Herman Peppel, their daughter Matilda married Kermeth Breen.
    Herman Peppel died Jan. 22nd 1958.
    Rosina (Gehring) Peppel died March 4th 1953.

    Anna Gehring nee Schwartz died Jan 6th 1938

    (4) Gretchen Gehring married Otto-Arend.
    She was born Sept 27th 1881 and died Aug 16th 1916 aged 35 years.

    (5) William Gehring married Kate Schoenhoff. they had two children;

    1. Katherine Gehring and
    2. Howard Gehring.

    Katherine Gehring married William Vassel; They had a daughter; Joanne. Katherine & Wm were divorced.

    Joanne Vassel married Donald Filmer. They have three children.

    Katherine then married Jack Golden, they had 2 daughters;

    1. Kathy Golden and
    2. Cheryl Golden
    Kathy Golden married Edward Liebenguth on July 21st 61 - husband is in service, they live in North Carolina in a trailer and have a baby girl - Jill, born June 3, 1963.

    Joanne Vassel married Donald Filmer. They have three children;

    1. Wayne Filmer,
    2. Wendy Filmer, and
    3. Keith Filmer.

    Howard Gehring married Mary Prell they had one daughter Karen.
    Howard and Mary are divorced.

    Karen Gehring married Bernard Bialowski.

    Jack Golden died Feb. 25th 1951. Katherine married ______ Sammon several yrs later.

    (6)Alma Gehring married Otto Arend several yrs after Gretchen Gehring's death, they have 3 children;

    1. Ruth, now Mrs. Kenneth Young, has a son Kenneth who is in U.S. service and a daughter

    2. Edna married Benjamin Witchert they had four children,
      1. Pamela,
      2. "Mickey"
      3. Steven and
      4. __________.
      Edna is divorced. She has a very good position, is high salaried, employed by government.

    3. Maynard and Virginia have 3 children
      1. Daryl,
      2. Keith, and
      3. ________
      all live in Louisville Ky.

    Kate Gehring married Martin Lorch they had two children;

    1. Rosa Lorch, and
    2. Johnny. He died in infancy.

    Rosa Lorch married Stanley Sheehan they had 3 children;

    1. Ethel Sheehan,
    2. Clyde Sheehan, &
    3. Carl Sheehan.
    Rosa divorced Sheehan and she had a hard struggle raising her children.

    Ethel Sheehan married Lloyd Shanower - a fine young man, but she fell in love with a boarder William Fentress - and divorced Lloyd who lives in Canton Ohio. Her 2 sons Delmer and Wilbur were adopted by Fentress & live in Salona Beach & Long Beach and their mother lives in Enicitis California. William Fentress died and is buried in San Diego.

    Carl Sheehan is married; heard he lives in Willoughby Ohio.

    Never heard where Clyde lives, nor whether he is married.

    Kate Lorch died in 1880 at the age of 37, her husband died in 1885 age 48.

    Rosa Lorch Sheehan born Dec. 18, 1872, died in California Jan. 18th 1942 - 76 years old.

    Sophia Gehring died May 21st 1927 - age 76 years.

    Jacob Gehring married Mary Kittsteiner they had five children;

    1. Lottie,
    2. Johnny,
    3. Henry
    4. Eva and
    5. Jenny.
    Lottie, Johnny and Henry died at the age of 15 & 18 months.

    Eva married Wm Williams and had one daughter Gwendolyn who developed tuberculosis and died at the age of 14 years.
    Wm died suddenly April 4th 1929 born Oct 14, 1876
    Eva died before her mother Apr. 20th, 1938.
    Gwendolyn born March 8, 1906 died April 20, 1920

    Mary Kittsteiner Gehring born Aug 31st 1855. died May 10th 1938

    Phillip Gehring married Sophia Siebenhar they had four children,

    1. Anna,
    2. Lou,
    3. Elmer and
    4. Alfred
    Alfred died when 6 mo's old.

    Anna married Harley Thomas they have one son Elmer, they live in the East, their children - twins - are Gary & Ruth Ann. Phillip Gehring developed brain fever and died July 30, 1901 born Oct. 10, 1847. aged 54 yr.

    Sophia (Siebenhar) Gehring died May 21st 1927 - age 76 yrs.

    Elizabeth Gehring born Feb. 9, 1849 died August 11, 1921. She married John Sperber, five children were born to them,

    1. Rose Sperber,
    2. John (Jr.) Sperber,
    3. Henry Sperber,
    4. Lillie Sperber &
    5. Minnie Sperber.
    Rose died at age of five and Lillie age 7 yr.

    John (Jr.) Sperber married Kate Molder, they have a son and daughter.

    1. John (III) and
    2. Donna

    John (III) - a dentist married Leslie Lommler, their son John married Marjorie Howe, they have a son John.The name John is now in the 6th generation.

    John Sr's daughter Donna Sperber married Robert Homer. they have 3 sons,

    1. Robert,
    2. Scott and
    3. Bradford,
    all live in or about Rocky River.

    Henry Sperber married Elizabeth Doll Oct. 16th 1897, they had two daughters

    1. Viola and
    2. Elsie,
    His wife died in 1902 following birth of Elsie, aunt Sperber took Henry & children into her home, Elsie had bronchitis a few years later and it left her with a leaking heart and caused her death in summer of 1908.

    Viola Sperber married Chester Wieke, both are teachers. Viola teaches art, they live on Hghts

    After Elizabeth died Henry Sperber married Maggie Kohl, they were divorced. Maggie died after a long siege of crippling arthritis at the time the Korean War began.

    Later Henry Sperber married May Pinkerton, they had

    1. a son James Sperber and
    2. daughter Lillian Sperber.

    James Sperber married Wava ________, a very fine woman they had two daughters
    1. Cheryl &
    2. Helen.
    Cheryl is a student nurse in an Akron hospital. Helen a high school pupil.

    James Sperber fell in love with a divorcee who has 4 daughters. He and Wava were divorced and Wava a heart broken woman committed suicide by hanging April 27th 1962. He married Maud ________, two of her daughters are married, the 3rd in a girls school in Willoughby and youngest & Helen are in school. James moved from Creston O. to Akron but sold out there recently & they live here on the Hghts. He is an auto salesman & insurance man and wife has charge of a Brown Derby restaurant on Hghts. not far from Viola & Chester's apartment, so Viola and brother have become re-united.

    Lillian lives in Creston O. a few years ago she married Chester Kelly.

    Minnie Sperber married David Smyth he was born in Canada & was a mounted policeman there; in Cleveland he was a carpenter. They had a daughter

    1. Arlene Smyth &
    2. a son Gordon Smyth.

    Arlene Smyth married Fred Tuttle they have two sons, David & Fred, live in Cleveland

    After Gordon Smyth returned from U.S. service, he went to Chicago and is in radio & T.V. business, his 1st wife died, he and his 2nd wife have a daughter.

    Minnie Sperber Smyth developed cancer and died Dec. 1952. she was born Dec. 2nd 1884

    David Smyth died April 25th 1961 aged 84 yrs he was born June 19th 1877.

    Uncle John Sperber died.

    Fred Gehring married Helen Bayer. She was born January 8th 1853. They had four children;

    1. George Gehring,
    2. Caspar William Gehring,
    3. Anna Gehring, and
    4. Clara Gehring.
    Anna died in 1918 age 33.

    George married Pamelia Krather in Dec. 1903, they celebrated their 50th anniversary in Dec. 1953. George died Aug. 4th 1962.

    Caspar William Gehring married Lora Wagner, they had 5 children,

    1. Lawrence,
    2. Milton,
    3. Helen;
    4. Frieda, living and
    5. A baby girl died soon after birth.

    Lawrence and Milton are bachelors.

    Helen married Dean Blake, they had 4 children, three sons and one daughter.

    Frieda married Francis Thayer and have one son David born on Labor Day 1959.

    Clara Gehring married Lewis Selzer. they had 2 daughters,

    1. Clara Louise, she married George Alcox and has __________.
    2. Betty Jane married J. Miko and has ___________

    Clara Gehring Selzer born May 3, 1890, died Dec. 23. 1939,

    Henry Gehring married Minnie Schrieber they had 3 children,

    1. Henry (Jr),
    2. Elizabeth &
    3. Edward.

    Henry Gehring and wife were divorced years ago. he died Jan. 4th 1916 aged 63 yrs

    Henry Gehring(Jr) lives in Wooster, as does a son who is in some kind of auto or garage business

    Elizabeth Gehring married Wm McClay, they were divorced years ago, they had 2 daughters

    1. Jane McClay &
    2. Louise McClay.

    Louise has been a semi-invalid most of her life, Elizabeth died March 11th 1962 - aged 77 yrs, she was a cancer victim, buried in Lake View cemetery.

    Edward died July 21st 1960, had lung cancer. His wife was Alice Koch. Their daughter is Mrs. Edna Couchey. Their children are Eugene and Alice.

    Mrs. Minnie Schrieber Gehring died about 25 years ago.

    Charlotte Gehring married Jacob Melber, they had 2 sons,

    1. Harry Melber and
    2. Arthur Melber

    Harry Melber married Lydia Wagner, they had one daughter - Jeanette.

    Harry Melber was born Sept. 29th 1885 and died following a stroke Jan. 16th 1962.

    Lydia suffered a heart attack one month later and died Feb. 15th 1962. She was born Oct. 22nd 1884.

    Arthur Melber married Sylvia Horosdovsky and had a daughter Dorothy. Sylvia & their 2nd child died April 29, 1919, age 24. Arthur later married Sylvia's sister Fanny.

    Dorothy Melber married Walter Roller, they have one son Terry.

    Charlotte Gehring Melber died Mar. 18th 1911 - age 56. She was born May 6th 1855.

    Jacob Melber died in 1917 age - 68 yrs.

    Minnie Gehring born Jan. 11th 1860, died May 3rd 1918 aged 58 yrs.

    Rosina Gehring born Sept. 10th 1857 married Wm Uhinck Nov 15th 1881. Two children were born,

    1. Minnie Uhinck born Sept. 27th 1882 died Dec. 25th 1884. - age 2 yrs 3 mos.
    2. Bertha Uhinck born Aug. 25th 1884.
    Bertha Uhinck married Raymond Sizler Sept. 24th 1927. Raymond suffered a stroke May 25th 1959. died instantly, born Feb. 13th 1888. age 71 yrs,

    Mother (Rosina Gehring Uhinck) died Apr. 29th 1885. age 28 yrs.

    Wm Uhinck was born in New York City Sept 30th 1849, died in Kaiserslautern Germany Sept. 29th 1924 age 75 yrs.

    Eva Margaret Gehring born Feb. 28th 1863. married Fred Klaas Nov. 21st 1882. They had 6 children,

    1. Bertha Klaas,
    2. Ida Klaas,
    3. Emma Klaas
    4. Edwin Klaas,
    5. Albert Klaas,
    6. Ernest Klaas.

    Bertha died a few wks after birth

    Ida Klaas married Albert Schmitt Sept 8, 1908. They had 2 children,

    1. Clarence Schmitt &
    2. Eleanor Schmitt.

    Clarence Schmitt married Marian Fier. they had three children,

    1. Douglas Schmitt who was killed on Christmas eve in Texas where his father was in service in the medical corps
    2. Thomas Schmitt now a student at Wittenberg College in Springfield O. and
    3. Sharon Schmitt a high school student.

    Clarence Schmitt is a doctor and on the staff at Aultman hospital in Canton, where they live.

    Douglas 1-1/2 yrs. old, fell out of a friend's auto, an oncoming bus struck him, he died instantly.

    Eleanor Schmitt married Wm Boddy, they have 3 children,

    1. Kathleen now a student at college in Kent,
    2. Wm Jr. in high school and
    3. Jeffrey in Kindergarten.
    They live up above Herbst's Hill off Broadview Rd.

    Emma Klaas married Wm Huy May 29th 1911. They have 3 children,

    1. Ethel Huy,
    2. Evelyn Huy &
    3. Wm Huy, Jr.
    Ethel Huy married Thomas Greaves and they have 2 daughters,
    1. Beverly Greaves &
    2. Betty Carol Greaves
    Betty Carol Greaves married Dale Cockran Sept 14, 1962, they live above Cockran funeral parlor on Holman Ave.

    Thomas & Ethel Greaves are semi invalids, both in wheel chairs. Tom, for five yrs or more, crippled with arthritis and Ethel victim of multiple sclorosis & palsy. Just too pitiful for 2 such fine people both in early fifties. They live in Parma.

    Evelyn Huy married Max Beyer, they have a son now in service in Germany; & a daughter, Nancy.

    Nancy Beyer married Thomas Fink, they have two little girls

    1. Sheryl Fink born Jan. 26, 1961,
    2. Jeri Fink born June 4, 1962.
    Before Jeri was born Fink decided home and family were not to his liking, he wanted to be carefree, so they are divorced, Nancy & children live with her parents in Parma. Nancy is a lovely mother, her little girls are beautiful.

    William Huy Jr. married Alice Hartley Sept 24th They have one son,
    1. William now attending school.

    Edwin Klaas married Edna Weeber They had five children,

    1. Marjorie Klaas,
    2. Meriam Klaas
    3. (a still born son)
    4. Myrtle Klaasand
    5. Edwin Klaas Jr.

    Marjorie married Donald Barrett, now a Lt. Col. in air corps. at present they are living in suburb of Omaha Neb. but their own house is in Tuscon Ariz. he is eligable for pension soon, and plans to teach when pensioned. They have two sons,

    1. Donald Barrett now attending college and
    2. Douglas Barrettin high school.
    3. Beth Ann Barrett is in Kindergarten

    Meriam Klaas married Richard Hoagland. They have 2 daughters and a son.

    1. Diana Hoagland,
    2. Daron Hoagland,
    3. David Hoagland.
    Think all are in school. They live in Las Vagas Neveda.

    Myrtle born May 16th 1928 married James Goff. they have 2 girls Myrna & Karen. about 10 & 7 yrs old, Myrtle taught kindergarten severals yrs & was to teach again this yr. while preparing dinner for her family, she suffered a stroke and died en route to parma Community Hospital (a 10 minute drive from their house, age 34 yrs.

    Edwin Klaas Jr. born Dec. 29th 1934 married Marian Herman, they have

    1. a son Bruce Klaas,
    2. and daughter Wendy Sue Klaas
    Albert Klaas born June 11th 1897, married Mildred Balke, they have 3 children.
    1. Virginia Klaas employed at Sedlak machine Co for 26 yrs.
    2. HowardKlaas born April 2nd 1922 married Louise Fisher, they have 3 children Charlotte, Sharon Lee & Gary, all in school. They live in Berrea, he owns Berea Cab Co.
    3. Doris Klaas born April 16th 1928 married Donald Hershey they have five children
      1. Dale Hershey,
      2. Douglas Hershey,
      3. Debbie Hershey,
      4. David Hershey &
      5. Duane Hershey
      Dale & Douglas in high school, Debbie in 1st grade, David 3-1/2 yrs. Duane born Nov 6, 1963, They live in Columbia Sta.,
    Ernest Klaas born Oct. 8th 1898. married Arnes Peterson, they have 3 daughters
    1. Eileen Klaas,
    2. Shirley Klaas &
    3. Joyce Klaas.

    Eileen Klaas married George Taylor, both graduates of Ohio State college, both employed in Space work, live in Eau Gallie Florida They have four children,

    1. sons George Taylor and
    2. Max Taylor and
    3. Cheryl Arnes Taylor, and
    4. Sara Eileen Taylor.

    Ernest & Arnes are divorced.

    Shirley born June 20th 1931 married Michael Novak they have 6 children,
    1. Michael Novak Jr.
    2. Michelle Novak,
    3. Scott Novak,
    4. Pamela Novak,
    5. Christ Novak, and
    6. Kieth Novak.
    All but Keith are in school, they live in Mantua O.

    Joyce born May 28th 1935 married Joseph Edw. Rosenlieb Dec. 28th 1957 they have 3 children,

    1. Jody,
    2. Jay &
    3. Jeffrey
    They live in Garfield Hghts.

    Ernest married Mary Ineman, they have a daughter Anna Marie (nickname Penny.)

    [Loose paper insert]

    Wed June 24, 1981 Paper
    Emma A. Huy (nee Klaas) beloved wife of the late William H, mother of Evelyn Beyer, William F. Huy Sr. and the late Ethel Greaves, grandmother of 5, great grandmother of 9, sister of Edwin Klaas, Albert Klaas, Eren Ernest Klaas, and the late Ida Schmitt. Passed away Monday. June. 22, 1981. Services at funeral home Thurs June 25 at 1 pm. Friends may call at the Busch Funeral Home, 4334 Pearl Rd, from 2-4 & 7-9 PM Wednesday.

    She was Aunt Eva Klaas' daughter. Aunt Eva was the 11th Gehring child.
    Forgot to give this to you when you were here.

    Birth Dates of Cousins.
    Ethel Sheehan Shanower Fentriss. Jan. 1.
    Dawn Hoagland Jan. 8th 1947.
    Emma Klaas Huy Jan. 9th 1889.
    Sharon Louise Schmitt Jan. 13 1948
    Donald Emerson Barrett Jan. 14. 1945
    Alma Gehring Arend Jan 18th
    Edna Weeber Klaas Jan. 19th 1893.
    Mary Klaas Jan 19th 1911
    Wendy Sue Klaas Jan 23rd 1961
    Ethel Huy Greaves Jan 26 1913
    Sheryl Fink Jan 26 1961

    Charlotte Louise Klaas Feb. 4th 1948.
    Viola Sperber Wiek Feb. 7
    Ray Sizler Feb. 13, 1888 died May 25th 1959.
    David Hershey born Feb 25th 1960

    Douglas Clarence Schmitt b. Mar 1st 1942 died Dec 24 1944
    Diana Lynn Hoagland born Mar 4th 1945
    Max Beyer b. Mar 4th 1918
    Alice Hartley Huy Mar 4th
    Gwendolyn Williams born Mar 8th 1906 died T. Be. Apr 20, 1920
    Dr Clarence F Schmitt born Mar. 9th 1911
    Eileen Arnes Klaas b. Mar. 9th 1927.
    Anna M. Gehring b. Mar. 12th 1885 died Dec 18, 1918
    Elizabeth Gehring McClay died Mar 11th 1962.
    Kieth Ernest Novak born Mar. 18th 1961
    Carl Sheehan born Mar. 19th
    Jeffrey W. Rosenlieb born Mar. 19th 1963.
    William Thomas Boddy " Mar. 20th 1948
    David Lee Hoagland " Mar. 23rd 1919
    Clyde Sheehan " Mar. 23rd
    Dale Franklin Hershey " Mar 27th 1948

    Howard A. Klaas born Apr 2nd 1922
    Sara Eileen Taylor " Apr 2nd 1957
    Kathleen Ann Boddy " Apr. 5th 1943
    Sharon Lee Klaas " Apr. 6th 1957.
    Arthur Melber " Apr. 11th 1891
    Doris Elaine Klaas Hershey b. Apr. 16th 1928.
    Robert D. Homer born Apr. 24 1957
    Jody Ruth Rosenlieb " Apr. 27th 1960
    Nancy Lee Bayer Fink " Apr. 29th 1942

    William F. Huy born May 1st 1927
    Clara Gehring Selzer " May 3rd 1890, d. Dec 23, 1939,
    Betty Carol Greaves Cockran b. May 3rd 1941
    Anna Marie Klaas born May 16 1948
    Myrtle Klaas Goff, born May 16th 1929, died July 17, 1963,
    Joyce Klaas Rosenlieb " May 28th 1935.
    Nina Peters Arnold b. May 9th
    Rose Gehring Peppel b. May 9th died Mar 4th '33
    (Shirley June Klaas Novak born June 20th 1931)
    Mildred Balke Klaas " May 13th 1898.
    Martha Gehring " May 14th
    Myrtle Jean Klaas Goff " May 16th 1929.
    Lawrence William Gehring " " 23, 1909
    Matilda Peppel Breen " " 31

    Jeri Fink " June 4, 1962.
    Virginia Klaas " " 6 1918
    Albert F. Klaas " " 11 - 1897
    Arlane Smyth Tuttle " " 14 1917
    Beverly Elaine Greaves " " 17 1937
    David Smyth born June 19, 1877, died Apr 25-'61
    Shirley June Klaas Novak b. " 20 - 1931
    Betty Ann Miko born June 24th 1957.
    Mrs. Anna Schwarz Gehring born " 30, 1868 - died Jan. 6th 1938.

    Delmar Shanower born July 5th 1920
    Marjorie Klaas Barrett " " 8th 1920
    Casper Wm Gehring born July 15th 1879. died Aug 4th 1962
    Milton F. Gehring " " 15 1912.
    Steven Lewis Miko " " 20 1957
    Jeseph Ernest Rosenlieb "" 24 1961

    Frederick Gehring b. Aug 2. 1951 - died Oct 6, 1914
    Lora Wagner Gehring " " 3 1883
    Thomas Greaves born Aug 7, 1912
    Eleanor Schmitt Boddy b. " 12 1919
    Stephan Douglas Watchert born Aug 12, 1951.
    Alfred H. Peters born Aug 24, 1895
    Bertha Uhinck Sizler b. " 25 1884
    Ida Klaas Schmitt b. " 26 1885
    Lou O. Gehring b. " " 1881
    Edwin O. Klaas " " 28 1895.

    Ernest W. Klaas born Oct. 8 - 1898
    Luelda Gehring Schwab. born Oct. 14. 1904
    Wm Williams born Oct 14 1876 died Aprm 4. 1929
    Thomas Allen Schmitt born Oct. 16, 1945
    Beth Ann Barrett " Oct. 18. 1960
    Wayne Filmer " " 21 1957.
    Pamiela Joey Novak " " 23 1957
    Evelyn Florence Huyt Beyer " " 26 1918

    Jill La Mont Brettschnieder " Nov 2 1951
    Duane Richard Hershey " " 6 1963.
    Arnes Peterson Klaas Alba " " 14 1900
    Elizabeth Blake " " 16 1951 1950
    Eva Gehring Williams b. Nov. 23, 1881 died Apr 20. 1938
    Miriam Florence Klaas Hoagland b. Nov 26, 1923.
    Wm H. Huy born Nov. 29, 1888.

    Eleanor Gehring Busch " Dec. 18. 1919